Doctor Receives Heartwarming Responses After Posting About the Struggle of Losing Patients

Source: Humans of New York Being the chief pediatric surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center isn’t an easy task. Just ask the man. During his post as chief of surgery, Dr. Michael P. La Quaglia has performed numerous operations on children with aggressive cancer over a 30-year career. Overall his medical career has been […]

Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

Have you been in Surabaya? The second largest city in Indonesia is also known as the City of Heroes. It is also famous for its tourist destinations, which include historical places in the city; just in line with its alias. The city is so vibrant, populated with people from different ethnicity, makes it one of […]

5 Temples You Should Visit

Well-known as the Island of Gods, Bali is home to many ancient temples. On any other day, they are great places to visit at least once during your visits to Bali. Each temple is unique, here’s our recommendation for must have visit temples among thousands of temples in Bali : 1. Tanah lot Located on […]

Best Diving Sites in Bali

When it comes to diving, think no more than Bali. The beautiful island has many diving spots with various depth and underwater creatures for you to explore. The different level of difficulties makes diving in Bali suitable for any level of divers, from beginners to advanced divers. In Bali, you can be sure that you […]

Free Things to Do in Bali

When we talk about having a holiday in Bali, we automatically think that the holiday must cost a lot. Luxury villas, indulging spas, or the entrance fees needed to enter tourist attractions. However, holiday in Bali doesn’t always mean that you need to bust a hole in your pocket. There are many free things that […]

Best and Peaceful Place in Bali

Ubud is just a unique village in the heart of this tropical isle of Bali. Ubud hamlet, distinguished with ethnic hamlet and differentiate its exquisite beauty, located at the middle of Bali. Ubud offers calmness and relaxation through the affection of Bali’s artistic culture while providing content accessibility to silversmithing, classical dancing, wood carving and […]

Don’t Go on A Holiday Before You Read This

Many of us save money for taking a holiday either in nation or abroad and also discover that it can be a challenging experience to note all those little information prior to leaving your country, and also while on the trip you assumed that everything was so well planned. This is where some traveling ideas […]

Think of Bali for Your Next Trip

In case you’re looking for the greatest sunny getaway to suit your honeymoon or holiday, then you should think of Bali among the options too. Bali is one among Indonesia’s islands that are blessed with real greenery and plants for a perfect stress-free experience. Resting in a Bali Villa might be a wonderful way to […]

Hottest 5 Tricks For Backpackers When Traveling to Bali

Well done, you have stuffed your bags and even reserved your airline tickets. You are practically to walk out the house, wave good-bye and begin your Bali trip. So are you prepared? As you begin on the backpacking trip, be sure you have done the next few tasks included with this final to-do-list. Be well […]

Good Suggestions For Your Bali Holiday

People are usually thrilled when planning for a vacation in an extraordinary destination such as Bali. Bali can be described as a world-class holiday spot that has awesome beach locations, lush green landscapes, special cultural occasions, lots of shopping malls, attractive party all night atmosphere and much more. For those who have never visited Bali, […]